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Your Roadmap for Improving
Workplace Safety

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Keeping railroad workers and bystanders safe in the trainyard is becoming more difficult and more costly to workers committed to keeping their workplace safe. Railroad companies have been known to penalize whistleblowers and injured workers rather than look for ways to improve the safety of those they employ.

Learn 4 steps that you can take now to protect yourself from repercussions after reporting safety infractions at work.

Don’t Get Railroaded

A Railroad Worker’s Guidebook to
Protecting Yourself After Your Injury

You’ll learn:

  • How railroad workers can both effectively report safety violations and protect themselves from repercussions
  • The signs that the railroad company has targeted you and what you can do about it.
  • What mistakes NOT to make after an accident at the rail yard.
  • The most successful approach to obtaining fair compensation after an accident.

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