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Railroad Injuries: Trauma, Stress, Body Vibration

Railroaders have very demanding and dangerous jobs that can lead to acute injuries, such as a broken leg from a fall or tearing a rotator cuff from handling a defective hand brake.

However, railroaders are also vulnerable to injuries that can occur over time.  These injuries are referred to as cumulative trauma, repetitive stress, or whole-body vibration injuries.  These injuries occur slowly after years of trauma to a railroaders’ muscles, spinal cord, nerves, joints, shoulders, hips, feet, knees, and bones by being exposed to unsafe working practices and unsafe working environments at the railroad.  Many railroaders are forced to endure surgeries for these injuries and end up permanently disabled and unable to continue their railroad careers.

Unfortunately, the railroad has been fully aware of the unsafe practices in its working environment and continues to fail to take action to eliminate and reduce the railroaders’ exposure to these dangers.

It is critically important to speak with an experienced FELA attorney regarding these types of cumulative trauma issues.  As a railroader, you have three years to bring a claim for an acute injury starting from the date of your accident.  With cumulative trauma cases, you also have three years.  However, the three years starts when you knew, or should have known, that your injuries were connected to your railroad work.  It is important that you discuss your claim with an experienced FELA attorney sooner rather than later so that your time to bring a claim against the railroad does not expire.

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