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Railroad Injuries: Amputations

While railroading is safer today than it was when FELA was enacted in 1908, the number of serious accidents and injuries is still higher for railroad workers than for many other industries.  This is due in part to the tremendous equipment that railroaders work with and around constantly in their jobs – rail cars, locomotives, cranes, and hi-rail equipment can all cause serious injuries including amputations.

An amputation is one of the most life altering and debilitating injuries a railroader can endure.  Not only is the amputation injury itself severely painful, the aftermath of chronic pain is debilitating and often significantly affects a railroader’s ability to continue working and earning a living.  Amputees often require help to do everyday activities while dealing with a multitude of doctor visits, physical therapy, and learning the use of prosthetics.  Amputations alter a railroader’s appearance which can lead to depression, embarrassment, and not wanting to be with others.

Our firm has handled serious amputation cases for railroaders.  We understand how much has been taken away, and we work to help you return to your best life while seeking the maximum compensation for you and your family under the law.

If you or a loved one has suffered an amputation injury, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you and help you and your family through these difficult circumstances. There may be claims available under FELA for your loss.  Please contact our office or send us a live chat message to get in touch with one of our FELA trial attorneys.  Our consultations and case reviews are absolutely FREE with no obligation to you or your family, so please give us a ring!

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Railroad Amputation Cases Handled by Poolson Oden