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Can My Union Representative Work With My FELA Attorney?

Absolutely Yes.  In fact, it is very helpful for your FELA attorney to work with your union, especially if you filed a safety grievance and the union is pursuing certain claims for you under the Railway Labor Act.  It’s very helpful for your attorney to be able to talk to your union representative that will be representing you in your investigation hearing so that if there are issues that need to be addressed that deal with your whistleblower claim, your union and your attorney can collaborate on those issues and how best to present those at an investigation.

Do I need a lawyer that specializes in railroad whistleblower laws?

Yes. You should contact an attorney if you:

  • Reported a safety issue or personal injury and was given a letter of reprimand in your file,
  • Were told not to report the personal injury,
  • Are being charged with rule violations repeatedly to pad your file,
  • Experience harassment from your employer or others after having a personal injury,
  • Are being told you cannot take a return-to-work physical after your doctor has released you to return to full duty;
  • Are being threatened with a charge of absenteeism if you don’t return to work when your doctor has not released you to full duty;
  • You were terminated after reporting a safety issue, or
  • You were not allowed to bid for certain jobs or demoted after reporting a safety issue or unsafe working condition.

If your railroad has retaliated against you, or you have been injured on the railroad, please call our office or visit our live chat to schedule a free consultation with one of our Railroad attorneys.  Our case reviews are free with no obligation to you.